How it works

Choose a menu

Explore our selection to find a menu that you like, and order it through our webshop. Select the number of diners, choose an available date, and proceed to checkout. Add a note for the Chef if you have any allergies or special diets.

Premium delivery

On select Days

Our delivery window is from 3pm to 7pm on select days. Our courier will contact you with an exact time on the morning of delivery. We ask that you plan to be home so that we can deliver your order safely.

No fancy stuff

Only A Basic kitchen

No sous vides or blow torches needed. All of our menus can be finished and plated in a basic kitchen. Just make sure you have a working oven and stove, some pots and pans, and basic kitchen utensils.

Prepare for service

And plate like a pro

Get to now the menu and read or watch the instructions. Select appropriate stoneware, cutlery and stemware for each dish, and prep your kitchen for service. Plate each dish as instructed, or get as creative as you want.

Finally Eat

And Enjoy

Make sure to enjoy the fruits of your labor and savour every morsel of food that you finalised and plated. Share a private moment with a close friend or loved one, or brag about your plating skills on social media.


Plate like a pro

Hello My Name Is: by LøChef

Hello My Name Is: by LøChef

Hello My Name Is: You may not know me, but you’ve probably tried my food. I’m the toughest cook there ever was and my peers know it. They say “my ...

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