Helsinki to Seoul by Kim Mikkola

Kim Mikkola has designed this special seven course menu for you to enjoy at home. Kim is a Michelin awarded Chef and a Helsinki Native. Through his travels with the Noma Group, Kim spent a fair amount of time in South Korea, which’s food and culture inspires much of the seasonally changing menu at his Michelin-star restaurant Inari. This menu aims to take you on a journey from Helsinki to the side-streets of Seoul, by combining techniques and spices from Northeast Asia with the best local ingredients and flavours from Finland.

We've made everything as easy as possible so that you can plate this menu like a pro. Use the instruction video to finalise and plate your menu, or read the written instructions below for more detailed information. For the best results we recommend using both.

Before you start

Make sure to take the following items into room temperature for 1 hour before starting:
(25) Turnip and butter, (38) Caramelised Sweet Potato, and (39) Caramel. Keep everything else refrigerated until you start cooking. This menu can be refrigerated for 1day (<2C) to be prepared later.

Get to know the Menu: Read the descriptions and instructions and watch the instruction video if there is one. Make sure that you have all the components and that nothing is missing. Call our concierge (+358942453216) if you have any questions or concerns.

Prepare for service: Every successful service starts with a clean and organised kitchen. Wipe down and clear as much surface area as possible for plating your dishes. Make sure you know where you have all your kitchen gear and components for each dish. Pick out stoneware and cutlery for each dish in advance and place them somewhere easily accessible. Think about the pace of your dinner and plan a schedule for both preparing and enjoying each dish. Don’t rush things and reserve at least 1,5 hours to get through the entire menu

Set the mood and get ready to enjoy yourself: Dim the lights, light some candles, and set the table before you start cooking. If you’re enjoying some of the wine recommendations, make sure that all your whites and sparkling wines are chilled and that you’ve opened up your reds to breathe. To help you get in the mood we’ve made some music playlists. You can find them on our Spotify profile.

First Course
Inari Green Curry
Bollinger La Grande Année 2012 *


(1) Curry sauce
(2) Zucchini
(3) Bok Choy
(4) Cilantro
(5) Scallion
(6) Jalapeno
(7) Green bell pepper
(8) Spinach
(9) Broccoli

  1. Select a neat bowl to serve individual portions from. We suggest a medium sized semi deep bowl dish if you have one or two lying around.
  2. Arrange Zucchini, Bok Choy, Green bell pepper, Spinach, Broccoli in their own section in the bowl, lining them up in a half-moon to one side of the bowl.  
  3. Pour the curry sauce in a medium sized saucepan and heat on medium high heat until hot. Be careful not to bring it to a boil.
  4. Gently pour the hot curry into your arranged dishes of greens.
  5. Garnish with half of the Cilantro (save half for later), half of the jalapeno (save half for later), and scallions.
  6. Serve while hot and enjoy with a fork spoon!


Second Course
Asparagus and Kombu Jelly
Bollinger La Grande Année 2012 *

(10) grilled asparagus
(11) lime vinaigrette
(12) Seaweed jelly
(13) Black Garlic
(14) Lime supremes

  1. Place the grilled asparagus and the seaweed jelly in a small bowl.
  2. Give the lime vinaigrette a shake and pour half of it in the bowl. Reserve half for later.
  3. Spoon the asparagus, jelly and vinaigrette into even portions on serving plates of your choice. We recommend a small bowl.
  4. Cut the black garlic into small chunks or slices and garnish the dish with black garlic and lime supremes.
  5. Finish with some reserved vinaigrette on top.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy with a fork and spoon.

Third Course
Chilled Thai Basil Soup
A.Christmann Riesling 2019 *


(15) Thai Basil Soup
(16) Green Beans
(17) Shiso oil
(18) Thai basil leaves

  1. Place the beans in even portions in the center of a small bowl dish
  2. Drizzle shiso oil on top of the beans
  3. Spoon the soup in even portions on top of the beans and oil
  4. Garnish neatly with thaibasil leaves
  5. Enjoy!

Fourth Course
Smoked Shitake with Ponzu
A.Christmann Riesling 2019 *


(19) Cold Smoked Shiitake
(20) Mushroom pureé
(21) Ponzu
(22) Kaffir lime oil
(23) Jalapeno
(24) Lime Supremes

  1. Bring a pot of water to a rapid boil and take it off the heat immediately. Let it sit for 2 minutes.
  2. Place the bag of mushroom puree in the pot of hot water for 5 minutes to heat it up.
  3. Cut off the tip of the bag, leaving a one centimeter wide hole, and pipe about a golfball’s worth of purée in the center of a deep bowl dish.
  4. Neatly arrange the smoked shiitake on top of the purée, and garnish with jalapeños and lime supremes. 
  5. Finish the dish with two tablespoons of ponzu, and drizzle kaffir oil around the dish for a final touch of fragrance.
  6. Enjoy with a fork and spoon.

Fifth Course
Roasted Turnip with Salmon Roe
Herve Villemade Les Acacias 2017 *


(25) Roasted turnip
(26) Bonito flakes
(27) Butter sauce
(28) Kombu oil
(29) Salmon Roe

  1. Make sure to bring the Roasted Turnips to room temperature 1 hour before starting. Place the turnips and browned butter in a nonstick pan on high heat for 4 minutes, and pan fry till golden brown. Tip: Adjust the heat and check the browning of the turnip as not to burn it. Look for a golden brown char. Use a spoon to baste the hot butter over the turnips for boosted flavour and colour
  2. Take the turnips off the heat and let them rest while you move on to the next step.
  3. Heat the butter sauce in a saucepan on medium high heat until heated through. Stir occasionally with a spoon. Tip from the Chef: Whisk the sauce rapidly for 30 seconds right before serving to achieve an airy and foamy texture.
  4. Take the sauce off the heat and mix in the salmon roe with a spoon.
  5. Plate the turnips in the center of a small bowl dish, and generously spoon butter sauce and roe on top.
  6. Finish the dish with a nice drizzle of kombu oil and sprinkle generously with bonito flakes.
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy with a fork and spoon.

Sixth Course
Pork Bossam with "the works" 
Herve Villemade Les Acacias 2017


(30) Glazed Pork
(31) Radish kimchi
(32) Garlic marinated cucumber
(33) Oranges in szechuan oil
(34) Salad leaf

(35) Crunchy Shallot
(36) Cilantro
(37) Sam Sauce

  1. This is a family style dish so first place all your accoutrement in your favorite small cups and bowl. Give the oranges in Szechuan oil, the garlic marinated cucumber, and radish kimchi a nice shake and place in small serving cups with accompanying teaspoons for self serving. Do the same for the cilantro, Sam sauce, and crunchy shallots. 
  2. Pour the pork neck and glaze into a saucepan and heat on medium high heat for 5 minutes or until heated through.
  3. Place the pork neck in a shared bowl or plate for the table.
  4. Place the salad leafs on a shared plate and serve the entire dish family style. Your goal is to assemble the accoutrements into salad leaves, almost like tacos. Try it with everything in one bite, or try different combinations in different orders. Our recommended order for assembly is; Salad, Sam Sauce, Pork, Kimchi, Cucumber, Oranges, Crunchy Shallot, and Cilantro.
  5. Assemble, eat with your hands, and enjoy!

Seventh Course
Caramelised Sweet potato and coffee
Bollinger La Grande Année 2012 *


(38) Caramelized Sweet Potato
(39) Caramel
(40) Tapioca Pearls 
(41) Coffee mousse

  1. Make sure to bring the caramel and the sweet potatoes into room temperature one hour before beginning.
  2. Pour the caramel into a small saucepan and heat it on medium heat for a few minutes or until hot. Be careful not to brown the caramel further.
  3. Place sweet potato in the pan with hot caramel and cover the sweet potato with the caramel by basting it with a spoon gently stirring. Let the sweet potato heat up in the pan for about 3 minutes until completely glazed and heated through.
  4. Take the pan off the heat, and spoon the sweet potato in the center of your individual dishes. We recommend a small bowl dish.
  5. Use a spoon to place tapioca pearls over and around the sweet potato.
  6. Finish the dish with a large dollop of coffee mousse. Use one or two spoons to make a perfect quenelle and place it neatly on top of, or next to the sweet potato. Tip from the Chef: To get a perfect quenelle, run your spoon under hot water for 10 seconds before sticking it into the mousse. This will allow the mousse to smoothly detach from the spoon, leaving a nice even shining surface. While professional chefs roll their eyes at the idea of using two spoons to “roscher” a quenelle, we won't judge you so please use two spoons if you want.
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy with a fork and spoon.


We hope you enjoy preparing and eating this menu!
Please contact us if you have any questions.