Sunset in Nice by Jaakko Impiö

Jaakko Impiö is a young up-and-coming chef and entrepreneur. He has been working in Michelin-awarded kitchens both in Finland, and more recently abroad before returning to Helsinki in 2020.

Before returning to Finland, he worked at the three-Michelin-star restaurant Mirazur in France, which was selected as the World's best restaurant in 2019. In 2020 he started, a media company and website that creates delicious looking visual content for anyone interested in recipes, cooking techniques, and tips for the kitchen.

Jaakko is one of Finland’s most promising future culinary stars, whose food is currently exclusively available on This up and coming Chef has designed his menu “Sunset in Nice”, inspired by his time at one of the world’s best restaurants. Having worked on the Côte d'Azur, Impiö has pieced together this simple yet elegant menu to take you on a journey full of classical french flavors. We start off with a Pumpkin Pistou, followed by mushroom ravioli in consommé. For the main you’ll enjoy Whitefish with spelt risotto, before finishing with a beautiful lemon meringue tartelette for desert. We hope you enjoy this experience.

Before you start

Make sure to take the following items into room temperature for 1 hour before starting:
(1) Pumpkin pistou, (2) Biscuits, and (13) Tartlet. Keep everything else refrigerated until you start cooking. All of our menus can be refrigerated for up to 2 days (<2C) to be prepared later.

Get to know the Menu: Read the descriptions and instructions and watch the instruction video if there is one. Make sure that you have all the components and that nothing is missing. Call our concierge (+358942453216) if you have any questions or concerns.

Prepare for service: Every successful service starts with a clean and organised kitchen. Wipe down and clear as much surface area as possible for plating your dishes. Make sure you know where you have all your kitchen gear and components for each dish. Pick out stoneware and cutlery for each dish in advance and place them somewhere easily accessible. Think about the pace of your dinner and plan a schedule for both preparing and enjoying each dish. Don’t rush things and reserve at least 1,5 hours to get through the entire menu

Set the mood and get ready to enjoy yourself: Dim the lights, light some candles, and set the table before you start cooking. If you’re enjoying some of the wine recommendations, make sure that all your whites and sparkling wines are chilled and that you’ve opened up your reds to breathe. To help you get in the mood we’ve made some music playlists. You can find them on our Spotify profile.

First Course
Nut biscuits and pumpkin pistou
Andre Clouet Silver Champagne Brut Nature

For the first dish you’ll have a classic pistou with a twist. Pistou is Provence’s version of the genovese pesto. The word pistou in local dialect means “to pound”, which is the etymology of this ground garlic and herb based sauce. This pumpkin pistou is mixed with garlic and provincial spices and herbs and served more as a spread than a sauce. The vessel of choice in this case is a lovely nut based biscuit for you to enjoy with the pistou as your appetizer.

(1) Pumpkin pistou
(2) Biscuits
(3) Sage

  1. Spoon the pumpkin pistou into a nice quenelle and arrange on individual plates or as a shared dish. Garnish the pistou with sage strips to add some color to the presentation.
  2. Arrange the nut biscuits neatly around the pistou.
  3. Serve the pistou chilled or at room temperature and enjoy as a spread on the biscuits.
  4. Enjoy!

    Second Course
    Mushroom ravioli with mushroom consommé
    A.Christmann Riesling 2019

    A classic menu always warrants a clear consomme or other soup. This clear mushroom soup is rich with flavor and works perfectly with pillowy mushroom filled raviolis. The dish is served hot from a small bowl and garnished with thyme and olive oil for some sheen, fragrance, and flavour.

    (4) Consommé
    (5) Ravioli
    (6) Olive Oil
    (7) Thyme

    1. Pour the mushroom consommé into a small saucepan and bring to a boil and turn the heat down to medium.
    2. Gently place the raviolis in the consommé for 1 min and then take your pan off the heat.
    3. Pour some olive oil in individual portions in a bowl dish.
    4. Ladle even portions of the consommé in your bowl(s) and portion even amounts of raviolis per serving.
    5. For a nice presentation garnish the dish with thyme leaves, fragrance, and flavours.
    6. Enjoy!

      Third Course
      Whitefish, Jerusalem artichoke-spelt risotto and sauce Normande
      La Soufrandise Pouilly Fuissé Vieilles Vignes 2018

      A Côte d'Azur inspired menu just wouldn’t be right without some fish as the start of the show. Made with a meaty, yet flakey whitefish this dish is the perfect way to round off the menu before dessert. Charred skin side down on salt and flash-baked before being served with a filling jerusalem artichoke spelt risotto. The dish is completed with a creamy Sauce Normande and some herbs for garnish.

      (8) Spelt Risotto
      (9) Artichoke Purée
      (10) Whitefish
      (11) Sauce Normande
      (12) Herbs

      1. Preheat your oven to 160C on convection setting.
      2. Add the spelt risotto and artichoke purée to a saucepan and heat it slowly on medium-high, stirring occasionally until incorporated and warmed through.

        Tip from the Chef: Sometimes you cook sauces, risottos, or purées too long or on too high heat. You’re left with something thicker than you wanted, but don’t worry. Just add small amounts of water, wine or any other liquid that works in the moment and incorporate over heat until you reach your desired consistency. If you add too much liquid you’ll just need to cook it a bit longer until properly reduced.

      3. Add the Sauce Normande to a separate saucepan and heat it on medium-high while stirring occasionally. You’re looking to heat the sauce without thickening it too much.
      4. While the risotto and sauce heats up, place the whitefish with skinside up on a parchment lined baking tray and bake at 160C for 3-5 minutes.
      5. Spoon the spelt-artichoke risotto neatly onto a plate. Then place the whitefish next to the risotto and pour a beautiful pool of Sauce Normande to crown the dish. 
      6. Garnish with herbs to complete the presentation with some vibrant green.
      7. Enjoy!



      Fourth Course
      Lemon meringue tartlet
      Château d'Arche 2015

      To satisfy your sweet tooth, the menu finishes with a delicate and sweet lemon filled tartlet. A pastry shell is filled with a lemon curd paste and then topped with a fluffy meringue. We hope you enjoy it.

      (13) Tartlet
      (14) Lemon paste
      (15) Meringue

      1. Place your tartlet shell(s) on a plate and get ready to fill and decorate.
      2. Carefully cut off the tip of both the bag of lemon paste and meringue, exposing a half-centimeter wide hole.
      3. First pipe the lemon paste into the tartlet and spread it out evenly with a knife or a spatula filling the entire tartlet.
      4. Now as carefully as you can pipe the meringue in a neat continuous pattern. This requires a steady hand and some concentration, but it isn’t hard when you focus. We suggest the pattern in the picture, but you can get as creative as you want. You can do a spiral if you want, or if you prefer you can pipe small dots of meringue until you cover the entire tartlet.

        Tip from the Chef: Now your tartlet is ready, but you can go the extra mile if you want to. If you happen to have a blowtorch you can “burn” the surface of the meringue for your final presentation. We don’t presume that everyone has a blowtorch, so you can also try to quickly scorch the surface of the meringue in your oven. First place your completed tartlet in the freezer for 10 minutes while you Preheat your oven to your highest grill setting. Place your chilled tartlet on a cool baking tray and place in the oven on the highest rack as close as possible to the heating coil. Bake the tartlet for max 1 minute until you see some color on the surface of the meringue. The results vary depending on your oven and a multitude of other factors so try this at your own risk.

      5. Finally serve your tartlet(s) on individual serving plates with a short coffee or a nice dessert wine. If you’re in the mood have both.
      6. Enjoy!‍

      We hope you enjoy preparing and eating this menu! Please contact us if you have any questions.