A Hint of Inari by Kim Mikkola

Michelin Chef Kim Mikkola has designed this special seven course menu, to let you experience “a hint of Inari” at home. The menu is inspired by the seasonally changing menu at Mikkola’s Michelin awarded restaurant Inari in Helsinki. We've made everything as easy as possible so that you can plate this menu like a pro. Use the instruction video to finalise and plate your menu, or read the written instructions below for more detailed information. For the best results we recommend using both.

Before you start

Make sure to take the following items into room temperature for 1 hour before starting:
(20) Roasted Rice Sauce. Keep everything else refrigerated until you start cooking. All of our menus can be refrigerated for up to 2 days (<2C) to be prepared later.

Get to know the Menu: Read the descriptions and instructions and watch the instruction video if there is one. Make sure that you have all the components and that nothing is missing. Call our concierge (+358942453216) if you have any questions or concerns.

Prepare for service: Every successful service starts with a clean and organised kitchen. Wipe down and clear as much surface area as possible for plating your dishes. Make sure you know where you have all your kitchen gear and components for each dish. Pick out stoneware and cutlery for each dish in advance and place them somewhere easily accessible. Think about the pace of your dinner and plan a schedule for both preparing and enjoying each dish. Don’t rush things and reserve at least 1,5 hours to get through the entire menu

Set the mood and get ready to enjoy yourself: Dim the lights, light some candles, and set the table before you start cooking. If you’re enjoying some of the wine recommendations, make sure that all your whites and sparkling wines are chilled and that you’ve opened up your reds to breathe. To help you get in the mood we’ve made some music playlists. You can find them on our Spotify profile.

First Course
Citrus, ponzu and bone marrow jelly
Bollinger La Grande Année 2012

This first dish is an elegant and fresh starter to the menu, packed with sweet, sour, salty and umami flavors. A variety of fresh citrus fruits are doused with some ponzu, a citrus-based soy sauce, before being drizzled with some lemon oil and kaffir oil to boost both the fragrance and flavor of the dish. The bone marrow jelly adds the finishing touches through texture and taste before garnishing with jalapeno for a bit of crunch and heat to round everything off. Enjoy from a small bowl dish and enjoy with a spoon. We recommend getting a bit of everything with every bite.

(1) Citrus
(2) Ponzu
(3) Lemon oil
(4) Kaffir lime oil
(5) Bone Marrow jelly (Vegetarian - Dashi Jelly)
(6) Jalapeno

  1. Place the citruses neatly in the center of a small bowl dish .
  2. Spoon 2 tablespoons of ponzu on top of the citruses
  3. Drizzle with lemon oil and kaffir lime oil
  4. Spoon the jelly on top of everything
  5. Neatly garnish the dish with jalapeno slices
  6. Enjoy!

Second Course
Chilled thaibasil soup
A.Christmann Riesling 2019

For the second course you’ll enjoy a chilled thaibasil soup. Fragrant and flavorful and almost spicy, this dish is a perfect followup after the saltiness of the ponzu in the last dish. Fresh green beans are topped with shiso oil, made from japanese mint, before covered in a vibrantly green chilled soup made from thaibasil leaves. The dish is garnished with fresh thaibasil leaves and served from a small bowl dish and enjoyed with a spoon. 

(7) Thaibasil soup
(8) Shiso oil
(9) Beans
(10) Thaibasil leaves

  1. Place the beans in even portions in the center of a small bowl dish
  2. Drizzle shiso oil on top of the beans
  3. Spoon the soup in even portions on top of the beans and oil
  4. Garnish neatly with thaibasil leaves
  5. Enjoy!

Third Course
Chawanmushi with salmon roe and samphire
Château Carsin Cadillac 2011

Chawanmushi is a traditional egg custard dish from Japan. It is flavored with dashi and fish sauces and steamed to custard-like texture. It is best served warm but not too hot with toppings of your choice. For this dish we’ve chosen to top the Chawanmushi with wakame oil, marinated salmon roe, and samphire, an edible type of halophyte. These ingredients enhance the flavors of the sea in the chawanmushi. The dish is topped off with some fried tempura batter to add to the crunch of the roe and samphire. Enjoy from a small oven safe dish or ramekin with a spoon.

(11) Chawanmushi
(12) Deep fried tempura batter
(13) Marinated Salmon Roe
(14) Samphire
(15) Wakame oil

  1. Slightly warm up the chawanmushi either with steam or in a microwave on medium effect for a couple of minutes. You want it to be warm, not hot! Either heat it up in the plastic container from the bag with the lid removed, or move it over to a small oven safe bowl dish or ramekin.
  2. Portion the chawanmushi evenly in the center of a small bowl dish or ramekin and spoon the wakame oil on top.
  3. Spoon the salmon roe neatly on top of the chawanmushi and garnish the dish with deep fried tempura batter and samphire.
  4. Enjoy!

Fourth Course
Pumpkin, hibiscus and roasted rice sauce
Château Rabaud-Promis 2015

This dish consists of a crescents shaped piece of "hokkaido" pumpkin that has been grilled and glazed with hibiscus on a open flame. For some added heat it is topped with Chef Mikkola's signature "Inariracha", a fermented chili and garlic blend packed full of flavor. Black currant brings a sweet component to the dish, while pumpkin seeds provide a bit of crunch. The roasted rice sauce is served as the base of the dish to provide depth and a creamy texture.

(16) Pumpkin
(17) Dried black currant purée
(18) “Inariracha”
(19) Hibiscus oil
(20) Roasted rice sauce
(21) Pumpkin seeds

  1. Portion the piece of pumpkin in the side corner of a small bowl dish and lightly spread the “Inariracha” on top of the pumpkin for taste and garnish. Use only a small amount if you are sensitive to chili. 
  2. Garnish with dried black currant pieces and pumpkin seeds as shown in the video.
  3. Spoon the hibiscus oil next to the pumpkin in the center of the bowl.
  4. Evenly portion the rice sauce at room temperature in the center of the bowl. If the sauce is still too thick to pour, then run the container under hot water for a few minutes until smooth and runny.
  5. Enjoy!

Fifth Course
Melanzane with sichuan demi glace
Herve Villemade Les Acacias 2017

The menu is heavily inspired by Asian flavors and this course is no different. While "Melanzane" is a tradinional southern Italian dish, Mikkola's version has a bit of a twist. The Melanzane is almost charred for a rich umami flavor and topped with a meaty demi glace with hints of sichuan oil to incorporate an almost numbing but even heat.  

(22) Melanzane
(23) Sichuan demi glace

  1. Preheat the oven to 200C on convection setting
  2. Gently place the melanzane onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake at 200C for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Heat up the sauce in a saucepan on medium heat. You can whisk the sauce a bit for the perfect texture
  4. Portion the melanzane onto a small dish of your choice. 
  5. Spoon the sauce on top and serve while hot.
  6. Enjoy!

Sixth Course
Duck-filled “hoddeok” with kimchi and black garlic sesame “hoisin” 
Philippe Pacalet Gevrey-Chambertin 2016

A "Hoddeok" or "Hotteok" is a tradiotional Korean pancake and popular streetfood that is most often served with sweet toppings as a snack or dessert. Mikkola's idea for this menu is to serve it with more savoury accoutrements. The Hoddeok itself is filled with duck, vegetables and spices and served with kimchi on the side. The black garlic and sesame "hoisin" is salty and packed full of umami, so use according to taste as not to overpower the dish. 

(24) Duck hoddeok
(25) Kimchi

(26) Black garlic and sesame “Hoisin”

  1. Preheat the oven to 200C on convection setting
  2. Place the hoddeok on a baking tray lined with a parchment paper and bake for 5-10 minutes until warmed through.
  3. Serve with the hoisin sauce and kimchi. You can either plate everything on one dish to be shared at the table, or portion them on separate plates as shown in the video.
  4. Enjoy!

Seventh Course
Matcha chocolate tartelette
Monbazillac Cuvée du Chateau 2007

Every great menu needs something sweet to round it off. Matcha is finely ground green tea that is shade-grown and meticulously picked for harvest. This chocolate tartelette has a rich chocolate filling, and is topped with a quenelle of matcha flavoured mousse for a sweet and fresh balance. Generously sprinkled with vibrant green matcha powder, the ending to this menu is as pretty as it is tasty. 

(27) Tartelette
(28) Matcha mousse

(29) Matcha powder

  1. Portion the tartelette on a small dish 
  2. Spoon the mousse on the top of the tartelette and dust generously with matcha powder to finish.
  3. Enjoy!


We hope you enjoy preparing and eating this menu! Please contact us if you have any questions.